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last night’s show for download

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135 MB / 1 hour 53 minutes / 192 kbps / stream recording

So Claude & I are on the home straight with the show, though I hope to continue it into the summer and next academic year.  Last night went quite well, and we played out brand-spanking-new music from the likes of Efdemin, Ellen Allien, Bonobo, Caribou, and Four Tet, keeping to the show’s tradition with electronic and alternative music coming in equal helpings…. some bits here and there mixed in by Marcus on 2 x technics and a CDJ, gets a bit drill n bass flavoured towards the end with classic tunes from 2player, Enduser, and a track from the Echodub compilation from Autopilot.  Recorded with Audacity off the stream > .WAV > 192 kbps mp3 download.


Appleblim – Vansan (Gatekeeper remix)
Jack Sparrow – Tormented
Millie & Andrea – Vigilance
Planetary Assault System – (Appleblim & Al Tourettes remix)
Untold – I can’t stop this feeling
Bonobo – Kiara
Samiyam – Fishsticks
Oneself – Be Your Own
Pariah – Detroit Falls
Caribou – Sun
Matias Aguayo – Minimal (Rossknecht Mix)
Telex – Raised By Snakes
Four Tet – Sing
Massive Attack – Mezzanine
Ellen Allien – Our Utopie
Efdemin – Shoeshine
Mood II Swing – Move Me
Mirko Loko – Love Harmonic Soundscape (Carl Craig remix)
Mosca – Nike (Club Mix)
Roska – I Need Love
dBridge – Mr Malcontent
Starkey – Black Monolith
2Player – Extreme Possibilities (Wagon Christ remix)
Enduser – Another Door Opens
Autopilot – Once More (Echodub edit)

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